We contracted Rick Williams and his firm, CommEnergy, to benchmark all our 24 properties.    He was efficient and resourceful in handling the specific needs of our tenants.   He was able to benchmark and produce the necessary reports without troubling our clients, nor my office.
I would highly recommend Rick and his company for benchmarking and energy consulting.

Marcus Gilmour
Lane Partners


Thank you once again for the great job that you and your company did us on fulfilling the San Francisco Audit requirements.  We received numerous proposals from vendors who made it sound so complicated and expensive but after receiving your proposal and sitting down with you, it all became very simple.

We've started working on your suggestions and I know that the overall saving will be substantial on each of the four properties audited.

Thank you again,

Sergio Nibbi

Due June 1, 2018

Commercial only

MultiRes in 2019

Cost:   Low.. depends on                number of meters

Options include:

     Full Profile Management

      Setup profile & train

Read  the  Full AB 802            Bill link

Categories:  Office, Retail, Warehouse, Hotel, Speciality all included

Exemption:  If more than 50% of property is used for industrial purposes

Call to discuss timing and configuration.   


These are a few of our clients:

Commercial energy management

AB 802 details
AB 802 BEnchmark 

​​CommEnergy provides commercial energy savings with little or no capital outlay. Come explore the programs and products that become cash positive from day one.

CommEnergy is an ENERGY STAR Partner with hundreds of  of commercial clients in California.   Our experienced team will provide you options to lower your energy cost, while not investing a dime.


California's AB 802  requires all commercial properties exceeding 50,000 SF to submit an EnergyStar benchmark for each building that exceeds 50,000 SF by June 1, 2018.

Residential properties will begin benchmarking April 2019.

San Francisco benchmarking is due April 1, 2108.

Aggregate Benchmarking allows accessing the whole building's energy data without tenant consent, nor tenant contact.   Only properties that have more than 3 utility accounts are eligible for this new tool.

There are other exceptions that we can discuss with you.

All the buildings' EnergyStar Scores will be published to the public to view next year.

Tenants will see how well their building performs when considering renewal, while new tenants and customers will see how efficient and green each property is.   Buyers use the score to judge how energy efficient the property has been.  
Benchmarking is inexpensive and designed to provide automatic upload of utility data that produce timely reports.   Call us and we can show you the options.​